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The Community Matters

This is a follow up to Despair, the post on mental health. Our society refuses to acknowledge the social causation of mental illness. The current model of individual biological factors is insufficient because it refuses to acknowledge the collective neuroses that are a by product of the capitalist force which benefits from prescriptions & dosages.... Continue Reading →

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South Africa Commemorates Freedom Day

27 April 1994 had been the long-awaited day by Black South Africans. We were looking forward to casting our votes for the very first time! Many of us had never participated in the general elections since we were born. Votes used to be restricted to White people only. The majority, Blacks, used to be voting... Continue Reading →

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The Significant Meaning Of Good Friday

Everyone, including non-Christians, fully acknowledged that last Friday was "Good Friday".  While there are people who think Jesus Christ's identity and stories are myths or fiction, they must just know what transpired during Jesus's crucifixion had been a fulfillment of more than 55 prophecies and signs that happened over a thousand years before His birth,... Continue Reading →

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Let Us Pray For Our Children

Peer pressure affects everyone, especially our children. I'm referring to both young and older children because, in the long run, they are all our children. They adopt lifestyles that make them drift away from godly stuff. Once they are hooked, it takes double effort to mould them back. Getting rid of their addictive behaviour is... Continue Reading →

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The Truth about Loneliness

This is a very hard topic to write about. Especially for the fact that some people were alone this past Christmas. Some were under quarantine unable to see their loved ones or to say goodbye to those they have lost. So I'm sure some people really felt the pangs of loneliness because of the pandemic.... Continue Reading →

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South Africa, the Modern Sodom & Gomorrah

A. The country has descended into lawlessness. Yes, the whole world is corrupt, but what's happening in South Africa is on another level.  Where in the world have you heard of a group of foreigners threatening the Police that they would fatally remove a country's concerned citizen for eradicating drug dealing?  It's an ongoing thing... Continue Reading →

When Africa Day is Not Worth Celebrating

The country is going through a rough patch. Many Black households are extended families relying on a single breadwinner earning approximately R95,000.00 per annum, which is about 4,928.00 US dollars. In the event of the breadwinner's retrenchment or death, the situation becomes even tougher for the family. Due to the rising food prices, many of... Continue Reading →


THEN: Submissive and Voiceless EraIn the past, African girls were groomed for marriage from a young age, they used to wake up before sunrise to keep the yard tidy to an extent of sweeping soil. They were trained to cook and prepare a fine maize meal and many more domestic duties. They were also trained... Continue Reading →

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