The Truth about Loneliness

This is a very hard topic to write about. Especially for the fact that some people were alone this past Christmas. Some were under quarantine unable to see their loved ones or to say goodbye to those they have lost. So I'm sure some people really felt the pangs of loneliness because of the pandemic.... Continue Reading →

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I appreciate my lifeWith all of it's lessonsThe healthy happy babiesThe genuine partnerThe supportive family and friendsMy parents: my biggest fans & criticsI recognize these blessingsEven if the struggle gives me temporary amnesiaI know I'm beyond thankful My spirit soars when I think of all these miraclesAnd I'm in awe of how I'm lovedMy ancestors... Continue Reading →

Drowning In Corruption – We Want Out!

Anyone into History books would agree that the dominating jargons have always been the likes of Corruption, Nepotism, Dictatorship, Inequality and Coup. Those who experience such injustices do not bother to refer to the dictionary for the definitions 'cause they already live it! Mercifully, countries such as South Africa have dodged a bullet but with... Continue Reading →

Be My Valentine

ErosCupidPhiliaThe famous love companionsIt's the most complex human experienceSongs, Poems, Books, MoviesSpeak of loveNeuroscientists say it's the motor of the mindBiologists say it's emotionalReligious people say it's spiritualOn television it's something that consumes you, JealousyFireLustAll of that is passion.In the Bible it's suffering,KindnessDevotionAll of it is a commitment. Love is specialWe have all experienced itIt... Continue Reading →

The Immigrant

A move away from my mother's wombIn search of greener pasturesNot knowing how long I will grazeOn the yellow leaves beforeI see the fruitful treesTorn between two homesIs it my new home if they keep on reminding me that I should go back?What about the land of my forefathers that has become the party of... Continue Reading →

Festive Season of Covid-19

Festive season is at the doorstep and the coronavirus is still harassing us! Who would have thought we’d still be brushing sides with the virus on Christmas? We did all the tricks in the book but there’s still an outbreak. While there are still good citizens out there who observe the Covid-19 regulations, others are... Continue Reading →

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