The Truth about Loneliness

This is a very hard topic to write about. Especially for the fact that some people were alone this past Christmas. Some were under quarantine unable to see their loved ones or to say goodbye to those they have lost. So I'm sure some people really felt the pangs of loneliness because of the pandemic.... Continue Reading →

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Stop saying “I’m busy!”

I'm also guilty of this. I have said it to some people and I want to stop this madness. It's the new brag but it's quickly losing its edge. It spells importance and overscheduled therefore unavailable.  This buzzword has been trendy for quite a while. It seems if you are not busy then you don't... Continue Reading →

Lazy to Read

So you’ve just opened that link but you are too lazy to go through it? It’s not the length of the content that matters, but the information it provides. Isn’t it the reason you clicked the link so that you get the full story of what has been hinted in the title? Would you rather... Continue Reading →

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