Women – Ally or Foe?

As Women's day approaches I found myself thinking about how as women treat each other. The relational aggression between women is something that baffles and intrigues me at the same time. The matter is complicated. I experience it myself from time to time but I am not so sure as to the gravity of it.... Continue Reading →


When the first Corona virus case was reported in South Africa on the 5th of March 2020, people reacted differently. Some were angry that people have become virus carriers but ignoring government calls to stop travelling abroad. Countries like Italy were hit hard by this virus but some individuals ignored government warnings and kept on going... Continue Reading →

Confidence and Motherhood

I have the guts to say things but I didn't have the guts to write them. Many people have said to me you are such a story teller why don't you write, others have said what you say is inspiring why don't you share it with the world. It has taken me ages to actually... Continue Reading →

This is What We Call – GBV

“After a two year old was admitted at George Mukhari hospital in the Covid-19 isolation ward on June the 15th, later the toddler was reportedly raped".  Do you know why you are now frowning or concluding the perpetrator might be having mental challenges? It’s because the whole act is sick and we don’t think someone... Continue Reading →

Black Tax and its Peculiarities

Mom wants money for the doctor. Dad needs new tools for the tractor. Little brother needs school fees. Little sister is moving back home after being laid off. Grandmother needs a tombstone. My cousin is demanding rent money. Every other month the whole family needs groceries and clothes to wear and money for transport. If... Continue Reading →

Wolves in Suits II

This is a two part blog post, you can read part 1 here. When the going gets tough, the tough get going Imagine desperate measures leading to your own daughter or sister-in-law fulfilling their master's lust in order to get a job or promotion... When you ask them why they have consented, they tell you... Continue Reading →

Memorable Treasure

*This is for all the Corona victims, those they left behind and for my brother who left too soon. Please be comforted.* You will need a box of tissues to read this one. I'm serious 🥺 Get a glass of water or a shot of vodka... Grief makes all food tasteless. It makes you feel... Continue Reading →

Wolves in Suits

Nothing is more annoying than watching an experienced, skilled worker, reporting to an incompetent senior who doesn’t have a complete understanding of the company. Their amateurish planning and decisions negatively impact the employees and have a great potential of ruining the company’s reputation. Gone are the days when selfless employers made genuine job offers to... Continue Reading →

Millenials: The Struggle is Real!

I'm a millennial born to a country that was once called the bread basket of Africa (google that), and by the 2010 global recession it was already rated junk status. I grew up in the 90's when music was soul, families were extended, unscheduled visits the norm and Christmas for the black child being something... Continue Reading →

Africa Shall Arrive

Did George Floyd, the victim of Police brutality in Minneapolis, know that his death would coincide with Africa day commemorations on May 25 2020? Instead of celebrating 'Africa day', the African diaspora  in America were protesting against a White Police Officer, Derek Chauvin, who'd suffocated the deceased by kneeling on his neck for about 8... Continue Reading →

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