The Truth about Loneliness

This is a very hard topic to write about. Especially for the fact that some people were alone this past Christmas. Some were under quarantine unable to see their loved ones or to say goodbye to those they have lost. So I'm sure some people really felt the pangs of loneliness because of the pandemic.... Continue Reading →

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The African Woman’s Sexuality

Firstly there is a lack of literature about African women's sexuality but there is more of the misconceptions about gender and sexuality that came with European scholars who did not of course understand African culture. Pre-colonial African women discourse on sexuality is limited and misrepresented. The prevalent assumption is that child bearing is the major... Continue Reading →

The Minimalist Mom

Minimalism is getting rid of excess, anything that distracts us from living fully and also about doing less. It's prioritising what is important and meaningful and getting rid of what's not. As a mom I have come to a place where I know my own uniqueness that I share with my kids. My parenting is... Continue Reading →

Mental Slavery At Its Best

Whoever started with the term 'mental slavery', was probably bothered by peoples mentalities that do not match what they claim they stand for. Freedom doesn't condone the brain to remain hostage of what it's running away from! Just like any idea that creeps in the mind and carries out through action, freedom is no exception.  ... Continue Reading →

Shush woman, don’t speak

Society loves to tell women what they can and can't do. Women should be calm, speak neatly, not have opinions and if they do, they must deliver them in a non aggressive non threatening manner. We must be silent partners in relationships, men don't like women who talk too much, we have been advised. To... Continue Reading →

Death Shall Die

Death versus Birth  Birth bears Death   Death designed to destroy life, yet part of that life Life of laughter, dreams and hopes  Hopes for the future doomed to die Die crossing-over the link between formation and cessation of life  Life determined to rise over death The Irony Cessation of life, beginnings of deathlessness Deathless,... Continue Reading →

The Me Society

Must be a social media consequence.The constant need for validationPosting the most mundane things to appear importantWe all do it. But some are caught up in itIt's the new drug.Attention economy is a thingThese companies know thatKeeping us polarized makes them money Creating mass hysteria keeps us onlineWe are the productsConditioning us on what to... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

Think about it! If it wasn’t for our mothers, we wouldn’t have been here! Of course it takes two to tango but your mother could have aborted you, instead  she nourished herself in order to have a healthier and a stronger you! That time when you couldn't do anything for yourself, she'd been there for... Continue Reading →

Strong Woman

An overrated, overused term used to glorify women's suffering. A lot of women have heard this term many times and can identify with its connotation. I know it's said out of love, but I'm not strong. Please use any of the other many adjectives! I know patriarchy has conditioned us to think that strength is... Continue Reading →

The Ugly Side Of Pride

“Do you know who I am?” I sense arrogance here! The tone sounds rude and the interrogator is outraged. In fact, this sounds like “who the hell are you to challenge me?” Bursting with pride, the offender screams for recognition. The rhetorical question posed sends a message that you are nothing and you should be... Continue Reading →

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